The Most Reliable Viscosity Control Systems on the Market

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Our technology is differentiated by

Nos capteurs de viscosité

Our viscosity sensors

Our viscosity sensors are manufactured to provide years of trouble-free service.

Lectures exactes de la condition de vos encres

Exact Readings of the Condition of Your Inks

Our viscosity sensors measure the exact viscosity and temperature of the ink, providing the press operator with valuable information for meeting and maintaining print job color requirements.

Contrôle précis pour une qualité constante

Precise Control for Constant Quality

Employing our state-of-the-art control algorithm, INKSPEC’s intuitive touch screen controller measures and controls the ink to very close tolerances, providing consistent color and decreased ink usage throughout the entire job run.

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Innovation et recherche

Software and Display

Using our advanced technology software and custom proportional control algorithm, our controller measures and regulates inks to precise tolerances, eliminating color issues before they occur. Our intuitive, easy to use, industrial touch screen employs up-to-the-minute viscosity updates which enables the operator to know the exact viscosity at any given time during a press run.

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Innovation et recherche

Peripheral Products

INKSPEC offers a full line of products to improve the printing process, increase productivity and maximize profitability.

Following are some of our products:

  • Temperature monitoring and control systems
  • pH measuring and control systems
  • Water conditioning systems
  • Custom built systems for special projects
  • Environmentally friendly Anilox and Gravure cylinder detergents for manual cleaning
  • Solvent blending systems

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Choosing INKSPEC provides the customer with quality viscosity equipment backed by 35+ years of printing industry experience

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