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Augmentez votre capacité d’impression globale :

Increase Your Overall Printing Capacity:

More impressions per volume of ink

Améliorer l’uniformité et la qualité des impressions :

Improve the Uniformity and Quality of Prints:

Improve the Uniformity and Quality of Prints: Automatically controlling ink viscosity to a closer tolerance results in less color variations, ensuring consistent print quality from start to finish.

Réduisez les coûts de production :

Reduce Production Costs:

More impressions per volume of ink,
Less rejections owing to print quality issues,
Less man-hour time for press stoppage and maintenance caused by ink viscosity related issues,
Less cleaning due to ink related issues,
Less solvent used to control ink viscosity.

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Innovation et recherche

Innovation and Research

Since its inception, INKSPEC has been at the forefront of viscosity technical innovations. Our viscosity sensors are the preferred viscometer for many OEM’s and end users all over the world.

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What our clients are saying

Less rejects, fewer customer complaints, fewer machine downtime, much less ink wasted ...

Patrick Remillard
5 colors operator at Norampac Viau INC.


It’s like a car cruise control. We know that from start to finish it's going to hold the color.

Bertrand Giannuzzi
Vice President of Operations at Orca INC.

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Choosing INKSPEC provides the customer with quality viscosity equipment backed by 35+ years of printing industry experience

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