Fluid Dispenser

The fluid dispenser supply the adjuster fluid, at a constant pressure, to ensure extremely accurate dosing and a better ink control.

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Smart Control Module

INKSPEC is proud of its exclusive Smart Control Module which provides accurate Viscosity Control for your inks, coatings and adhesives.

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Intelligent In-line Viscometer

Award winning and proven reliable technology provides a real time, dynamic viscosity control and an easy automatic wash-up.

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Magnetic Filter

Our unique Magnetic Ink Filter increases printing efficiency while protecting anilox rolls and printing plates.

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Injection Valve

Precise quantity, precise timing!

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Tactile Screen Computer

INKSPEC’s monitoring software provides reliable data and at-a-glance dashboards for accurate decision making.

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Webox Interface Generator

INKSPEC WEBox is the source of the intuitive INKSPEC Viscosity Control Software package to be accessed via a web browser.

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Flexible Packaging – Multi Station System

Optimizing your ink viscosity has never been easier!

Our unique INKSPEC operating system provides unsurpassed control of the inking process to deliver high precision printing and color consistency.

  • Generates tight viscosity control to maintain professional process quality
  • Leads to major ink and time-savings
  • Includes maintenance free viscometers with no moving parts

Our smart system leads to major ink and time–savings. The new user-friendly Smart Operator HMI* touch Screen is powered by an extremely reliable computer.

Available in Single Station and Multi Station versions. Same reliability, same accuracy, it’s a question of how many stations you wish to control.

*Human Machine Interface