Smart Control Module

INKSPEC is proud of its exclusive Smart Control Module which provides accurate Viscosity Control for your inks, coatings and adhesives.

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Fluid Dispenser

The fluid dispenser supply the adjuster fluid, at a constant pressure, to ensure extremely accurate dosing and a better ink control.

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Intelligent In-line Viscometer

Award winning and proven reliable technology provides a real time, dynamic viscosity control and an easy automatic wash-up.

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Magnetic Filter

Our unique Magnetic Ink Filter increases printing efficiency while protecting anilox rolls and printing plates.

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Tactile Screen Computer

INKSPEC’s monitoring software provides reliable data and at-a-glance dashboards for accurate decision making.

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Injection Valve

Precise quantity, precise timing!

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Corrugated – Single Station System

  • Includes maintenance free viscometers with no moving parts
  • Improves and maintains your process quality
  • Affordable High End Technology

The SOLO interface is an ergonomically acceptable HMI for a colour press.

The INKSPEC SOLO CONTROL SYSTEM generates a user-friendy ergonomic interface for colour press.

It is completely certified for today’s Printing and Converting Industries

This interface has been developed using technologies and process controls that have been developed with of 25 years of continuous and close contact with all the levels of printing press managers and especially designed to meet the desires and needs of the press operators themselves.

Whether the press is brand new or very “experienced” the HMI Intuitive screen layout generates real-time results that will increase the efficiency of any printing press.

INKSPEC’s monitoring software provides reliable data and at-a-glance dashboards for accurate results ultimately rendering the decision making process a Snap!.

Rapid cleaning on job changeovers, simply unscrew the knob, pull out the cap, and remove the strainer. Draw down the accumulated metallic fines to the non-magnetised tip of the shaft. Swirl the filter screen (available in various mesh sizes) in the ink solvent or diluent to clean and reassemble.