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The Highest Viscosity Control Accuracy!

INKSPEC is proud of its exclusive Smart Control Module which provides accurate Viscosity Control for your inks, coatings and adhesives.

  • Quick and easy Din-Rail Installation
  • Provides the optimal dosage
  • First to Market Technology

The Smart Control Module constantly reads the data from the viscometers and decides when a viscosity correction is required. It also monitors the alarms.

Available in three configurations the Smart Control Module is a combing of several components necessary for the effective control and transfer of information from the viscometer to the WEBox. The IPC analyzes the information received from the viscometers, commands the injection cycles and transmits the data to WEBox for translation.

At each print station, the Smart Control Module is the brain behind the tight and accurate viscosity (and temperature) control synonymous with InkSpec.


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3 Models Available: CM1V for Viscosity Control, CM2V for Viscosity Control and Cooling and CM2O (2 Outputs for electrical injection valve connectivity)