mIIS Viscometer

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mIIS Viscometer

  • Inheriting the INKSPEC IIS viscometer’s award winning and proven reliable technology
  • No moving parts… Maintenance free … The INKSPEC way!
  • Providing absolute ink viscosity control to maintain print consistency and quality

In 2004 INKSPEC introduced the IIS viscometer – the first maintenance-free viscometer designed for the printing market having no mechanical moving parts, not requiring a spare parts inventory or even down-time for repair!

We are now proud to introduce the next generation viscometer- the mIIS. 

Incorporating the great characteristics of the IIS -the industry’s most trusted and dependable viscometer- we created a miniature version, with a smaller footprint that is easier to install in many of those cramped, tight areas. 

The mIIS viscometer with its real-time inline viscosity measurements also features a built-in high-speed temperature sensor, ready for ink cooling control applications now or those later as an improvement, or just for accurate HMI display purposes.

The mIIS viscometer is also available in two versions, one as an intrinsically safe version specifically for explosion-risk / hazardous areas, the other for water-based or “safe” applications: both come with quick and easy M12 screw-on connections.

The In-line installation provides real time, dynamic viscosity measurements and adapts easily to manual or automatic wash-up systems. This crucial in-line positioning enables the mIIS viscometer, to adapt to the varying press conditions intuitively, allowing the operator to relate his ink viscosity control to the actual printing results.