Magnetic Ink Filter

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Magnetic Ink Filter

Keep your ink Clean with the Magnetic Ink Filter!

Our unique Magnetic Ink Filter increases printing efficiency while protecting anilox rolls and printing plates.

  • Fast cleaning on job changeovers, no tools required
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Compact design for in-line Installation

INKSPEC’s Magnetic Ink Filter eliminates ferrous metallic filaments from Doctor Blades and other contaminating particles. Designed with rare earth magnets within a streamlined anodized aluminum shaft, it ensures turbulence free ink flow.

Compact and designed for in-line installation, the INKSPEC Magnetic Ink Filter can be easily placed on either side of the pumping circuit.

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Rapid cleaning on job changeovers, simply unscrew the knob, pull out the cap, and remove the strainer. Draw down the accumulated metallic fines to the non-magnetised tip of the shaft. Swirl the filter screen (available in various mesh sizes) in the ink solvent or diluent to clean and reassemble.