IIS Viscometer

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mIIS Viscometerinjection_valvefluid-dispensersmart-control-moduleiis

  • Award winning and proven reliable technology
  • Maintenance free and no moving parts
  • Provides tight control to maintain process quality

Industry proven reliability recognised by major printing related associations for its innovative technology, the IIS has yet to have determined its life cycle. The original viscometers installed in 2004 and practically all afterwards, are still in service and have not required any maintenance or service since.

In-line installation provides a real time, dynamic viscosity control and an easy automatic wash-up. The process adapts to varying press conditions intuitively allowing the operator to adjust his process control to actual printing results.

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  • Explosion-proof sensor (CSA) : Class I, Div. 1, Groups C, D
  • Explosion-proof sensor (ATEX) :   II 1/2G Ex d IIB T6 • KEMA 07ATEX0017
  • Explosion-proof sensor (IECEx) : Ga/Gb Ex d IIB T6 • IECEx KEM 07.0011
  • Ambient temperature : -20 to +40 ºC
  • Maximum working pressure : 101 PSI (7 bars)
  • Overall dimensions : h = 13.75 in (350 mm), ∅ ≈ 4.2 in (106.7 mm)

Electrical Data

  • Voltage : 24VDC±10%
  • Amperage : 0.2A Max
  • Output Signal : 1W Max
  • Network : RS485 / CAN