Dynamic Heat Exchanger

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The temperature control of the ink is a very important characteristic to consider if you want to produce a cost effective printing job. The ink temperature controller developed by INKSPEC works as follows.

A heat exchanger can be installed at two different places on the line depending on the type of press used.  For a press with a pumped return line, it is recommended to install the heat exchanger on the return line, which means anywhere between the press and the ink pail.

When the temperature of the ink is above the desired value, the temperature controller sends a signal which will open a Water Valve (ON/OFF) to allow chilling liquid to circulate into the heat exchanger.  It is at this point where the heat transfers from the ink to the chilling liquid.  When the ink temperature cools down to the set point, the signal stops and the valve closes, consequently the chilling liquid stops circulating into the heat exchanger.

The very high efficiency of the INKSPEC heat exchanger tubing allows for a very fast response with a minimum amount of energy.