FPC Flexible Packaging  (Toronto, ON, Canada) – 2013-02-15

Our system is working very well and we have had no issues, and more importantly out press operators love the system. Since installing the Inkspec system and our new ESA system out print quality has improved tremendously. We have received good comments back from our customers regarding improved quality in our print.

Stewart French, Manager of Engineering / Maintenance

Mondi Jackson (Jackson, MO, USA) – 2013-02-14

We have had good success with our InkSpec systems. They are very reliable and easy to work on. I have not had to answer a call for a problem with them for several months. The most significant issue in the entire period was a flash card problem that was resolved through a system upgrade, and while we were waiting for the new system, your company was gracious enough to send us a loaner. All of the operators know that the key to keeping the systems working reliably is that they must make sure to keep the sensors and hoses clean. We have only had minor issues in the past and when I did have problems, the response from your technicians was prompt and effective.

Bill Morgan, Engineering Services